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ATC Masonry Cleaning are a professional Exterior Cleaning Company based in West Sussex and covering a wide surrounding area.
We offer a range of cleaning services including ladder-less gutter cleaning and specialist brick & stone cleaning using a super-heated water system.
We always stand by our work, with customer satisfaction being our main priority. Contact us to learn more about how our services can be of use to you!



Super-Heated water cleaning using ThermaTech - The ultimate system for delicately cleaning both natural & reconstituted stone and brickwork.


Super-Heated Water Cleaning using ThermaTech

environmentally friendly

Super-heated water cleaning commonly referred to as "steam cleaning or pressure washing"  is a frequently used as a method of conservation and restoration cleaning to historic buildings and stonework.

Popular with many architects and surveyors, the system uses a low volume of water (9L per min) and can be adjusted to operate between 30-150bar in pressure and up to a maximum water temperature of 150ºc.

The system is capable of effectively cleaning organic growth without the use of any chemicals and is even capable of dramatically reducing, if not completely removing, difficult to remove blackspot algae.

The system is also capable of external paint stripping, graffiti removal, gum removal and sterilisation.

Due to the systems adjustability, we are able to minimise the risk of causing damage to pointing and surface erosion to delicate masonry and lime mortars. For these reasons it is often a chosen method of cleaning by many architects when it comes to restoring historic buildings and monuments including churches, war memorials, listed buildings as well as many newer structures too.


The System can also be used internally when connected to a water recovery unit (ThermaVac) which can recover upto 95% of waste water when working on a flat surface. This would be ideal for cleaning an internal flagstone floor for example.

The ThermaTech and larger trailer mounted pressure washer can also be used for large scale pathway cleaning when connected to a surface cleaner deck.

Both systems are heated making them far more effective cleaners than cold water pressure washers.

The use of hot water also means chewing gum can be quickly and completely removed at the same time without the need for any chemicals or a second treatment with a dedicated gum removal machine, saving time and additional expense.

- Once an area has been cleaned we can also seal the surface with one of our commercial grade sealants.

Generally this makes the surface much easier to clean in future as the organic growth cannot become so deeply ingrained in the surface.

Abrasive Media Cleaning

Blasting the dirt away

Using the all new Abrasive Lance for ThermaTech or the JOS swirl abrasive system, we can effectively remove many types of inorganic, hard encrusted surface dirt from brick & stone such as carbon sulphation and atmospheric staining.

Both systems can also be used to effectively remove rust and paint coatings from metalwork. 
Unlike a regular sandblaster, the JOS system uses
"swirl-abrasive technology" which fires out the abrasive media is a swirling corkscrew action. This prevents the abrasive media from pitting and damaging delicate stonework in the cleaning process providing the correct abrasive media is selected.

The all new ThermaTech abrasive lance is ideal for smaller projects which require the added cleaning power of an abrasive element.

Paint and Graffiti Removal

...stripping back the layers

Paint removal is something we have gained a lot of experience in.

There is a wide variety of reasons our clients may choose to have a building paint stripped but the most common reasons are to expose the original brickwork and the need to remove older failing or incorrect paint coatings which are trapping in moisture and causing damp within the building.

The most common way we remove paint is with the ThermaTech and one of our selected paint softening or graffiti removal products. This method has the ability to remove most modern polyurethane, latex and graffiti paints.

For harder coatings such as the old distemper paints, the JOS system may be required to remove the old paint using abrasion as these paints cannot be softened using heat or chemicals.

We also have experience working with closely with Keim mineral paints and using their highly rated, high strength paint softener, STS 7M.

We can also put you in touch with one of their reps who can give you a site visit and advice on re-coating with one of their breathable masonry paints or specialist coatings.


Get that new roof appearance

Moss removal can be carried out using our all new telescopic moss scraper. The device has interchangeable blades to fit the various shapes of roof tile.

The scraper has the the ability to rid your tiles of large clumps of moss with can fall into and block your gutters.

Full roof cleaning can also be carefully undertaken using the gentle steam cleaning power of our ThermaTech® system, the correct access equipment and our telescopic long roach lance.

This also provides you with the ascetic benefit of removing algae and lichen, revealing the true colour of your tiles and giving your property a bright, well maintained, new roof appearance.

Removing heavy moss buildup from your roof has the potential to extend the lifespan of your roof.

Moss can grow on and inbetween the tiles, holding moisture and freezing in the winter which can crack and blow the surface of your tiles.

Cleaning your roof can also identify any tiles which are in need of replacement.

Later this year we will also be looking into the use of soft washing equipment as an alternative to steam cleaning.

Softwashing works by treating your roof with a specialist roof cleaner which over time kills off the mould, lichen and moss to clean your tiles.